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At Improved Data Services LLC, we pride ourselves on our diverse background in multiple facets of debt management; banking, debt buying, business consulting, third party collections and legal referral. The combined experience of our officers and consultants provide you with a unique and diverse suite of services for the recovery of your delinquent obligation. Let us offer you a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities in the recovery process, a report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. Lastly, in the event your obligation remains unresolved, let us offer a tailored recommendation for your next step, including free referral  to affiliated counsel in 38 states. 

Our Goal – To provide a final opportunity for an obligating party to avoid the up-front cost of legal remedy.

Pre-Legal Services

If you represent an individual or organisation that is considering a legal remedy to recover an obligation by a consumer, CONTACT US FIRST! We specialize in final-placement and pre-legal placement obligations. 

Close The Deal

Give customers a reason to discuss your complaint. Show them the respect they deserve by having a courteous and  experienced file manager document both sides of the story and relay an understanding of the whole picture to your team. Then let us make a recommendation for appropriate commencement based on facts, not emotions.

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